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What’s the reason for your repurposing project?

These days, two out of three major construction projects are carried out on redevelopment sites. This is hardly surprising in densely populated areas, where close proximity to work, schools, shops and leisure facilities is increasingly essential. So it’s also little wonder that repurposing is gaining momentum. And for a variety of different reasons, four of which we explore below. Four compelling reasons for not demolishing heritage buildings, but instead repurposing these hidden gems and consequently giving them a new lease of life and a bright future. What’s the primary reason for your repurposing project? We’d love to hear it!

Reason 1: transforming derelict sites into attractive hotspots

Many derelict sites are centrally situated in core hubs or transport axes. These are indisputably prime locations. At the same time, local authorities often struggle with the spatial interpretation of their towns and city centres. That city transformation process isn’t always plain sailing. Particularly when a derelict site is located slap-bang in the middle of a residential or shopping area and doesn’t conform to current zoning regulations.

Which gives rise to the first reason for repurposing: the repurposing process unpicks the knot and injects a new dynamism into the local area. A clever repurposing project not only exploits its unique location as an asset; it simultaneously boosts the potential of the entire site and surrounding area.

Reason 2: promoting responsible construction via the recycling of materials

In contrast to demolition and reconstruction, repurposing actively seeks to preserve a building’s finest features. In addition to their splendour, older buildings tend to be of an exceptionally well-built construction and it would be a shame to tear down such solid structures. Damaged or timeworn walls, floors and roof tiles can all be transformed into integral features of the repurposed site or reused for foundations and backfill etc.

Reason 3: realising (construction) cost savings

Repurposing is extremely cost efficient. Indeed, repurposing projects are often cheaper than new builds. This isn’t only due to the reuse of existing structures and materials; the total cost of the project is also lower, because it isn’t started from scratch. Repurposers consequently save on the costs of demolition, earthworks and the building’s shell. We regard the existing site as a set of disposable construction materials, which we reuse in an unmodified or modified state.

Reason 4: creating value for society

Repurposed buildings combine multi-purpose functionality with rich heritage. Their beauty and grandeur exert tremendous appeal, their period rooms and original features spark the imagination and inspire. And prominent buildings are often a familiar presence for local residents. Giving these buildings or sites a new function or an upgrade creates value - not only for the owners and investors, but for all those who cherish fond memories or enjoy their beauty. In this respect, repurposed buildings also become a treasured part of the local community.

Above are just four of an almost endless list of reasons for investing in repurposing. What are yours? We’d relish an opportunity to discuss them in more detail, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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