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Smarter use of space

bow architects have a passion for repurposing business premises and derelict sites. In fact, it’s our forte. Our architects spurn inside-the-box thinking and instead focus on the potential in every project, repurposing with respect for the site, its past and the local surroundings. Our enduring aim is to achieve added value for the environment, and an optimal synergy in housing, work and mobility. We’d be delighted to provide you, too, with a proposal for your new industrial building.


Got a plot of land and keen to harness its potential?

Contact us without delay, and we’ll perform a non-committal feasibility study.

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Our team

  • Pieter Verfaillie - architect / founder
  • Diederik Bailleul - toegepast architect / BIM Manager / huisfotograaf
  • Saar Huyghebaert - architect / stedenbouwkundige
  • Maxine Chantrie - jr. architect / design & build
  • Tomas Nollet - sr. architect / design
  • hallo nieuwe collega
  • Rebecca Vanysacker historisch onderzoeker - restauratie-architect

Share our space

Feel free to drop by for a coffee and a chat, and allow us to share our vision on how we can all make smarter use of the space in which we live, experience, move and do business.