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Red carpet for EMV commercial premises

“EMV, your driving force for the future.”

Their company slogan serves as the inspiration for our architecture.A design that reflects the company vision. A strong family business where auto mechanics are central, both now and in the future.

The current building is ambiguous and fades into the background of its landmark location.  Covered beneath a patchwork of advertising panels, it stand outs, yet in an indecipherable way. Our design aims to exploit the building’s prime location and simultaneously give the company an update that will leave it fit to face the next 25 years.

The new 1000m-long facade will cleverly blend with its surroundings to resemble a billowing red carpet in front of and against the building. Red will be the dominant feature, symbolising the company’s warm welcome, energy, leadership, pioneering spirit, youthfulness, confidence and, above all, its future-orientated approach.

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EP (Execution Project) - End fase 1
750m² 'facade/welcome' + 1000m² surroundings
 bow architecten - buro RR (stabiliteit)